Argument Experience: Personal Writing Submit Assignment

Describe a time when you had an argument with someone that required the use of logic. The argument might have been with a friend, family member, coworker, fellow student–or even a teacher. Perhaps the person you argued with used faulty logic in some way, or perhaps you did. Or, maybe there were no logical fallacies, and after hearing one another out, you either forged a common agreement or “agreed to disagree.”

Whatever the case, describe your argument in as much detail as you can. What was the nature of your disagreement? What was your position, and what position did your opponent take on the issue? In what way did logic (or flaws therein) factor into the discussion? What was the outcome?

Feel free to tell this story about your own experience in as creative a manner as you wish–don’t treat it like an academic essay. The main requirement: Tell the story as thoroughly as you can. Do your best to answer as many of the questions listed above as you can; they don’t necessarily have to be in that order. Type your response directly into Canvas, or feel free to write your response in another program and upload the document here.

Please write it from a teen girl perspective, if u have any questions let me know

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