Company Competitive Advantage, management homework help

Please respond to the following in 2-3 sentences:

  • Propose two ways that a
    company can gain a competitive advantage over other companies when
    striving to recruit job applicants. Determine whether technology has
    assisted or hindered the process. 
  • Imagine you are head of the
    HR department, and you have been asked to review two applicants for the
    sales clerk position at your company. Alice, the first applicant has 10
    years of experience in sales work, but can be easily distracted. She
    will not work on commission and cannot work weekends. She can be a
    little obstinate, but has an excellent job history. Mary, the second
    applicant, has one year experience, but very congenial and loves working
    with people. Her work schedule is very flexible, but she can become a
    little stressed at times and has been known for having to quietly leave
    and regroup for a short time. Determine which candidate would be the
    “right fit”. Support your decision by describing the thought process
    that lead up to your decision.

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