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Please respond with a paragraph to the following question, add citations and references:

Lewin’s three-stage change model is one change theory that includes, unfreezing, moving and refreezing. It describes unfreezing as when you identify change is needed, moving as when a change happens, refreezing as when the balance is established, and you have satisfaction with the results. The cycle may repeat itself over time.

There is another theory called Lippett’s seven-phase theory. This theory is based on Lewin’s theory but with seven phases. It is more comparable to the nursing process, there’s not a significant difference between them, but with Lewin’s, there are only three fundamental steps but most often nursing is much more complicated than three levels. It begins with diagnosing the problem by examining all possible concerns and determining who the change will affect, recognizing key management personnel responsible for fixing the problem, collecting data from those affected by the change, and ensuring that those affected by the change will be committed to its success. Then comes evaluating motivation and capability for change by finding resources capacity and organizational structure. You must assess the motivation and resources, experience, stamina, and dedication of the one initiating change. Use progressive change objectives by defining the change process and developing action plans and accompanying strategies. Make sure to explain their role to all involved employees and ensure that expectations are clear. It is important to maintain change by encouraging feedback, enhancing communication, and coordinating the effects of change. Finally, slowly terminate the helping relationship of the person making the change (Mitchell, 2013).

Looking back through situations as a postpartum nurse, some deliveries were pretty straightforward and uncomplicated, but then there were deliveries that were complex on multiple levels. These patients are in a fragile condition therefor so are the problems that need addressing. Having only three steps seems like it would be easy to get stuck in the moving phase.

My mentor has tried hard to instill change in her unit, but it can be difficult if you are in middle management. She described how she used the Lippitt’s change theory to address the use of linen bundles for bed changes. There needs to be a committee to make the difference. There are often times when being the tough guy and holding people accountable for their actions is what needs to be done. Holding co-workers responsible for their actions is difficult when your peers may take it personally and feel it necessary to respond in an unprofessional manner.


Mitchell, G. (2013, April). Selecting the best theory to implement planned change. Nursing Management, 20(1), 32-37. Retrieved from…

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