Go to the O*NET website ( Use O*NET to select a job for further study. Start by browsing jobs in different occupations. Next, from the find occupations drop down list, select job family. There, you will see 23 unique job families (occupations). Then, select a job family (click on the link for the chosen job family).

Here’s the below chosen job as i am working in the same area (You can access full report here).


Finally, select a job from the chosen job family (click on the link for the chosen job) and review the information contained in the detailed report. After reading the report on the job: (1) Choose which broad performance appraisal method from chapter 7 in the text would be most effective for evaluating performance on this job and explain why you chose that method (2) Discuss some of the limitations of the selected approach for appraising job performance. Be sure to use your selected job as a frame of reference. In the introduction of the paper, identify the job you chose and give a brief description of it. Use the following headings for this paper: Introduction, Appraisal Method, Limitations, Conclusion.

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