AOD1166- A journal about Maslow’s hierarchy of needs or Meta communication

Assignment requirements:In the first journal, please choose one of two topics that are highlighted in Chapter 1 to discuss – 1) Maslow’s hierarchy of needs OR 2) metacommunication.

Use these questions as a guide to help you discuss your chosen concept: How do you understand this concept in relation to your own life? What has happened in your past that helps you understand this concept better? Where are you in developing your skills in relation to this idea? How can understanding and actually using this tool make you a better communicator? Please be self-reflective and relate the concept to your own life. Discuss in 3-4 pages (double spaced) and use personal examples and course vocabulary to support your ideas.

Each journal is worth 20 points. 8 points for your demonstrated understanding and description of the concept itself (including relevant vocabulary and ideas from class and the course text), 6 points for your personal reflection and self-exploration including real examples of interpersonal communication, and 6 points for proper grammar, spelling, and composition.

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