Campus police

Campus police and security:

Write a 12- to 15-page paper that explores a significant issue or problem affecting colleges or universities in 2018 (I prefer policing on university campus). In some US higher education institutions there is a debate if police on campus should be armed or not.

  • The first half of the paper should be a descriptive narrative of the problem; describe salient events and organizational context.
  • The second half of the case study should be analytical and prescriptive. The paper should recommend a course of action, how university work implications.
  • I provided some references.

Assignment Format

  • Please use Times New Roman, 12-point font; double-spaces; 1-inch margins.
  • All written assignments must follow APA (6th edition) formatting. APA is the standard writing style in education, so learn it now (even if it feels tedious).
  • Reference librarians are also very helpful.

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