• Civil Rights Act, 1964.

Civil Rights Act, 1964. Title VII.

Title VII prohibits employment discrimination based on race,
color, religion, sex and national origin.

The paper should be double-spaced in a Word document and 3-5
pages in length. You must include an APA formatted title page. You must also
include an APA formatted reference page.

a standard Times Roman 12 point type.

What is the Act you have chosen and summarize it in your own

What is required by employers to be in compliance with the Act?
What are the employee rights under the Act?

What was the purpose and/or intent of the Act established by the
state or federal government? Identify social/economic benefits.

Who benefits by the Act and how does your ACT or Law compare
with other cultural perspectives? For example do other countries have similar

Note any changes to the Act that you have discovered in your
research since the enactment date. What, why, and when were the changes made?

Give observations and opinions about the Act. Do you believe it
fulfills its original purpose?

Include examples of persons you know who have benefited by the
Act, if appropriate.

your core beliefs as it relates to the Acts/Laws. Are the Acts against your core
beliefs? Why or why not?

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