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Cognition in the Media

Cognitive psychology research is
often featured in the mainstream media. For example, a few years ago Oprah
Winfrey featured Dr. Strayer’s research on distractibility during driving when
talking on the cell phone. She then used his research to start a movement that
encouraged individuals to stop talking on the cell phone while driving. This
example demonstrates that psychological research has made its way into the
media to inform the public about how our cognitive processes work.

Using the three examples of
cognitive psychology research featured in the media that you researched
(newspapers, television, and magazines), write a two-page paper for each
and explain how it fits with what we know about cognition.

The three examples must be on
different topics. Reference the original articles (or videos, in the case of a
television report).

Include the following topics in
each paper:

the concepts of cognitive psychology (attention, limits, inattention, automatic
processing) present in each resource.

how the concepts are used in real-world applications.

Note: You must support your claims with evidence from the text by
including internal citations.

Strive to be as concise as possible
and limit the length of your completed assignment to no more than six pages,
excluding the title page and reference page. Support your statements and
analyses with references and citations from at least three resources.

Submission Requirements

: Written communication is free of errors that detract
from the overall message.

: Resources and citations are formatted according to APA
(6th edition) style and formatting.

of Resources
: At least three citations.

of paper
: Two pages for each media example. Six pages total, not
including a reference page
, which should include all sources and the references
of the original media pieces. The paper should be double-spaced.

Font and Font Size: Times New Roman, 12

·  Absolutely no plagiarism

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