Compare and contrast the English Colonies in the South with the New England Colonies in the North? Which colonies would you have preferred to live in and why?

The age of discovery presented the powers of Europe with new land to conquer and new opportunities for its citizens. Each European power had their own way of colonizing the New World. This paper will focus on the English colonies. With this in mind, please respond to the following essay prompt in a 1000-word response.

In your essay, be sure to use specific examples from the textbook

Your paper must be typed, double-spaced in a standard font (Times New Roman, 10 or 12 pt. font), and include page numbers. Be sure that your essay has an introduction, followed by a body of supporting paragraphs, and a conclusion.

Remember that grammar and structure are important in an essay, so be sure to proofread and spell check your essay. Plagiarism will not be tolerated!

MLA format.

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