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The American Revolution was mostly a secular affair.  The founding fathers had demonstrated opposition to politics and religion intermingling thus establishing separation of church and state.  Because religion was separated from political control, a series of religious revivals swept the United States from the 1790s and into the 1830s that changed the landscaped of the country.  This spiritual resurgence, known as the Second Great Awakening, altered the character of American religion  They began to have camp meetings which were also called revivals.  The camp meetings were really designed for spiritual purposes, but they were also used for fellowship among family members and friends.  Camp meetings led large numbers of people to convert through an enthusiastic style of preaching and audience participation.  This was a period characterized by emotion and enthusiasm.  Through the movement of the Second Awakening, christians began their attempt to reform society. 


In the 1790s to the 1830s a series of religious revivals overtook the United States as a result of religion being separated from the hands of political leaders. This was known as the Second Great Awakening. When the Second Great Awakening began some of the biggest denominations at the time were the Congregationalists, Anglicans, Evangelical Methodism and Baptists. One of the things that really made the Second Great Awakening stand out was the camp meetings. These camp meeting were also called revivals. The sole purpose of the camp meetings were to convert sinners to Christ. The camp meetings usually consisted of a crowd and a minister or preacher to give the sermon. During the Second Great Awakening at the camp meetings the preachers took a different approach in trying to reach the people. The preachers felt that people would be more conducive to convert to Christ if they were reached through emotions on a spiritual level and talked to instead of being talked at while preaching. Not only were the camp meetings for spiritual purposes but they were also used as gathering grounds for friends and family to fellowship. Also during this time of the Second Great Awakening a lot of African Americans and women took interest in the evangelical revivals. The evangelical movement gained a lot of interest because they believed and point out to people that as individuals they have “free will” and they should assert that in choosing to be saved because they have that choice. I think many people took to the “free will” because it gave them hope. The belief that only God’s grace could save them I feel made people feel like they would never be saved because they were sinners and not worthy. The Second Great Awakening was definitely a positive revolution during its time. I believe it really set the foundation for revivals today as a way to reach sinners and convert them to Christ by reaching them mentally, spiritually and emotionally in Christ.


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