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Prior to beginning work on this assignment, read Chapters 4 and 5 from the text. It is also recommended that you review the upcoming assignments in Weeks 2 and 3, along with your Capstone Paper in Week 5. An Annotated Bibliography (Links to an external site.) is a great way to organize your research and prepare you for completing the Capstone Paper Outline in Week 2, the Capstone Paper Rough Draft in Week 3, and your Solution Proposal Capstone Paper in Week 5. The purpose of an annotated bibliography is to find, summarize, and critique scholarly and/or credible sources that you will use to complete your Capstone Paper. You will also use the information gained from the required readings this week to complete this assignment.

The Capstone Paper requires you to address five specific areas of your program of study and the learning objectives for the social and criminal justice program. Like the Capstone Paper, your annotated bibliography will consist of five various topics, each aligning with the first five course learning outcomes for this class, which are also the areas for examination in the Capstone Paper.

In your Annotated Bibliography

  • Analyze criminal justice issues within the systems of law enforcement, the judiciary, and corrections (CLO 1).
  • Evaluate the application of the social justice principles of equality, solidarity, and human rights toward building a just society (CLO 2).
  • Examine cultural sensitivity’s and diversity awareness’ impact on social and criminal justice (CLO 3).
  • Deconstruct the relationship between law enforcement, the judiciary, and corrections (CLO 4).
  • Interpret the relationship between social justice and criminal justice (CLO 5).

For each of your five separate critical analyses of your sources for the Course Learning Outcomes listed above, complete the following:

  • Summarize each source’s thesis and/or main points in one paragraph.
  • Evaluate the relevance of the data used to support the thesis of the source.
  • Provide the formal APA reference entry for each source.
  • Briefly critique (as defined in Chapter 5) the accuracy, acceptability, strengths and weaknesses, and overall soundness of the article.
  • Explain, in one to two sentences, how each source supports your thesis and/or resolution.

The paper must be 750 to 1250 words in length, excluding title and reference pages, and formatted according to APA style. You must use at least five scholarly and/or credible sources, which includes the source you are reviewing, two sources that support or contradict the initial article, and any other sources that support your analysis. Visit the Ashford University Library to review the Criminal Justice Research Guide which may help in your research. You may also find the Ashford University Library Quick N’ Dirty (Links to an external site.) tutorial, The Research Process (Links to an external site.) tutorial, and the Advanced Search Techniques (Links to an external site.) tip sheet helpful as you conduct your research. As you conduct your research, the Ashford University Library also provides the RefWorks tool that will help you organize your research, create APA reference entries and citations, and more. Creating a RefWorks Account (Links to an external site.) will assist you in creating an account in order to start using the tool.

Cite your sources within the text of your paper and on the reference page. Use the Annotated Bibliography Template (Links to an external site.), available in the Ashford Writing Center to help you complete this assignment. For information regarding how to complete an Annotated Bibliography, visit the Ashford Writing Center (Links to an external site.). There you will find a video tutorial and sample Annotated Bibliography.

The Annotated Bibliography assignment,

  • Must be 750 to 1250 words in length (not including title and references pages) and formatted according to APA style as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center’s APA Style (Links to an external site.)
  • Must include a separate title page with the following:
    • Title of paper
    • Student’s name
    • Course name and number
    • Instructor’s name
    • Date submitted

For further assistance with the formatting and the title page, refer to APA Formatting for Word 2013 (Links to an external site.).

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