ENGL 2332 Bibliographic essay

The topic I chose is the LLIAD BY HOMER.

Your Bibliographic Essay will be on a single work by a single author in our text (the author and text do not have to be on the syllabus, however). This is not an argumentative essay; instead, your task is to find the most significant criticism and interpretation relating to the text you choose, and summarize it in a 2,400-word report (approx. eight pages, not including the Works Cited page).

You should have at least eight critical sources; at least three should be books, and the rest should be scholarly articles (in print, or found through the library online databases). In other words, don’t use open Internet resources — including Wikipedia — as resources for this essay (although you might use them for “grounding” yourself). Start planning early! See the first week’s assignments. Also, note the sample bibliographic essay posted on our class site.

You must follow MLA documentation style.

Your first paragraph will present your central focus: what key issue or issues unify or relate the materials you will summarize. After that, you basically report on the articles and books you have chosen; summarize the main points relevant to your central focus. It is not necessary to critique the sources. Use paraphrase and brief quotation; learn the difference between them. Learn how to frame a quotation. Cite according to MLA guidelines, carefully.

Then, present a brief summary conclusion.

Start early, and allow several work-sessions to get this done properly.

You will most likely need to use the UH, TSU, or Rice libraries for this assignment; however, there are works in the HCC system libraries as well, and article databases accessible through the HCCS library web site and the Houston Public Library web site. Become familiar with the appropriate indexes.

Submit a Working Bibliography, or a list of potential resources, by the deadline listed; also submit a Draft by the deadline listed. Name the attached file


I WILL NOT ACCEPT drafts or final submissions that are not named and submitted properly. The Works Cited, in the draft as well as in the final submission, should start on a separate page (ctrl + Enter at the end of the essay).

Read the Skills Lectures on Research and Plagiarism. If you plagiarize any part of this (or any other) assignment, you risk failing the course.

If you visit a tutor (or send the draft to an online tutor), make sure they see a copy of these instructions; explain that the essay is NOT an argumentative or interpretive essay, but a summary of critical sources. Otherwise, they will say that you “need a thesis.” You don’t; you just need an introduction that provides a focus for the summaries to follow.

You should submit the finished essay electronically via the “Assignments” tool provided in the appropriate module. No late essays will be accepted unless you communicate with me and receive approval.

Name the final version:


I recommend saving your work regularly as you work on the computer; print out a hard copy for yourself when you submit the essay to me.

Grade Criteria: Your grade for this assignment will be based on the quality of your prose, your attention to scholarly format (in citation, quotation, and paraphrasing), the competence of your research, the quality of your synthesis, and the overall accuracy and comprehensiveness of your report. See the related rubric.


Also, post your Working Bibliography for the Bibliographic Essay on the “Bibliographic Essay Working Bibliography” discussion forum.

Remember to use the right type of sources, and to have many more sources on this initial list than you will need for the final project. So, since you need at least eight sources, at least three of which are books, aim to have at least sixteen items on the Working Bibliography. You do not need to have found or read these items yet.

*******I will this part of the assignment by tomorrow night *******

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