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What distinctive should a Christian business espouse when considering outsourcing manufacturing and product development? How could a Christian business use outsourcing to help support poor nations and economies, global missions, and evangelism? Write a brief essay answering both questions

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Classmate 1

Christian based businesses should show their beliefs through their works as well as the way they deal with the day to day operations of a company. When a company is local it shows community spirit by helping with projects such as donations to playgrounds, schools and other local organizations like the boys and girls clubs for example, it should do the same when it opens operations in other countries, especially poor under developed countries.

One of the first things a company looks at when expanding is cost. How much it is going to cost them to set up and become operational and how long till they will see a profit. I believe they should include in those cost, is the cost of helping the community where they are moving to. First making sure there is enough food for the areas people and if not setting up a food bank. If people are starving, they are to weak to work properly. By helping them have enough to eat will also help the company’s production levels. The second thing is to help make sure the children have good schools to go to and that they can attend without having to go to work themselves. By doing this the company will see later results of better educated workers.

God tells us in the Bible to help others in Philippians 2:4 God says “Let each of you look not only to his own interests, but also to the interests of others.” If companies do things like I wrote about above it would be doing God’s work by helping others.

Classmate 2

There are many poor nations without Christ, I cannot think of a better way to reach them in evangelism than to reach them thru businesses outsourcing to help them. The Bible makes it very clear in Proverbs 14:31 “Whoever oppresses a poor man insults his Maker, but he who is generous to the needy honors him. Whoever is kind to the poor lends to the Lord, and he will reward them for what they have done. The generous will themselves be blessed, for they share their food with the poor.” (NIV). When we outsource to a nation, it not only helps the common people living there but it drastically helps the economically in which they live in. What better way to show Christ than to reaching out to them to support their basics needs. I farther believe it is our Christian duty to do so for Christ did not make an option when he said “help them” it was not a request but a command. Loving and serving God is and should be synonymous with helping the poor. It was certainly on his heart, as he incorporated many verses into his written word about that very topic. The Lord is not prejudiced against anyone, as he loves us all very much. He also knows that we are blessed when we put others before ourselves. Helping others—especially the poor and needy—is a gift and a calling that we cannot shirk as Christians. So let’s go out and help our neighbors and our friends in need. God has been good to me over the years, and I have much for which to be grateful to Him. The Great Commission compels us to make evangelism our first and primary focus. Everything we do must filter through the desire for and the purpose of evangelizing a lost and dying world.

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