Final Reflection Essay

Basically, I want to find out what you think you learned in this class about the theory vs. the practice of international/global business. You all were assigned to read the textbook, take the exams, and discuss the case studies assigned. We also read and discussed a number of recent media articles on international/global affairs. You also completed either (1) an X-Culture project for a real-world client, or (2) a Global Business Plan (GBP), investigating a company and country of your choice.

Complete a three-to-five page essay (target a word count of roughly 1500-2000). This could take the form of a reaction essay or a critical review of your experience studying international/global business, and completing the class assignments, including your X-Culture or GBP project.

Try to compare what our textbook said “in theory” versus the realities of “practice” (as reflected in the case studies, the newspaper and magazine articles you read this quarter AND from your experience completing your chosen project).

The central questions: How well do the theories and concepts from our textbook match up with the realities (or practice) of doing business internationally or globally?

If they match up well, discuss why they tend to do so.

If they do not match up well, discuss why they do not, and what we could or should do about doing business better or smarter in the “real world”, given the anomalies of behavior in business and/or the limitations of the concepts, theories, frameworks and checklists available about international/global business.

To provide examples of facts or evidence of practice in the “real world”, try to quote from up to six of the articles assigned for class discussion in our Schedule. In fact, you are welcome to use any articles on international/global business, not just the ones we discussed in class. All the articles I chose for discussion in class were drawn from three main sources: Financial Times, New York Times, and the Economist, but feel free to draw from reputable sources elsewhere, if you prefer.

Also note the four globalization articles/reports from the Economist listed in the Schedule for this assignment. Feel free to quote from them if they are the best examples you can draw from of “real-world” practice for this assignment.

Finally, if you chose to read either of the two books mentioned in the syllabus covering globalization (Rivoli, 2014 or Foer, 2011) , feel free to focus on this book’s theory of globalization instead of the six articles. Again, try to compare and contrast examples of theory (and concepts) from the textbook with evidence (examples) presented in the globalization book. Discuss how similar or different you find their perspectives on globalization, explaining in detail why you come to the conclusions you do.


Use 1.5 spacing and Arial 10 font. Spell and grammar check as you normally would for any academic paper. Also, feel free to consult the Style Guide (on Canvas) for suggestions on style, organization, and such.

Finally, if you want to follow a particular writing style guide (such as “modified APA”), please be consistent in your use of that style.

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