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  1. Discuss at least four risk areas for a company. Include the possible implications of the risk. If possible, include any relevant laws or regulations relevant to each risk.
  2. Why does the author state it is best to keep a policy simple and get to the point? What happens if this is not done?
  3. Write an objective and a short set of key guidelines for an IT compliance policy of your choice.
  4. Discuss the differences in how you would write a policy for: the executive management level, middle management, and front line IT staff. Why would you have different approaches for each?
  5. List three different methods to communicate a policy and discuss why we use different methods along with the advantages and disadvantages of each.

6. Suppose we are responsible for rolling out a new business network, consisting of 350 computer workstations and six network printers. The company’s offices are located across three floors of a downtown office building. We need to be able to print to any printer from any workstation.

The company has six public IP addresses available from their ISP. Workstations should have Internet access. The network topology will be standard ethernet with wireless access points on each floor.

What network addressing design do you propose to meet this company’s needs? Do we need IPV4 or can we get by using only IPV6? How are we going to subnet our available IP addresses, and what will our IP addresses and subnet masks look like?

There are a lot of details to be considered in a task like this. Come up with some ideas that you would add to a network specification document for this project.

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