Interview Assignment

Political Commentator Interview

Write a 400-to 600-word transcript of an interview with Ronald Reagan as if you were a Sunday morning political commentator and Ronald Reagan was alive today. 

Formulate questions based on each of the following topics and then write the answers that you believe Reagan would have given. Use at least some of Reagan’s original language in answering your questions.

· Principles of the New Right

· End of the Cold War 

· Supply-side economics

Choose one additional item from the following list to complete your assignment

· Iran Contra affair

· Social security and other social programs

· Raising the debt

· Military spending

· Cutting the size of the government

· Attempted assassination

· Hostages coming home

· Religious Right

· Tea Party movement origins

· Key social movements during the 1980s—for example, the fight for AIDS funding

Create a works cited page and be original please no plagarisim…

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