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my teacher provided me very critical comments on a past essay i turned in and is giving me an opportunity to revise it. MLA formatting needs to be corrected, as well as thesis(the one i used doesn’t answer the prompt), and she also said when i do my paragraphs they need to utilize one idea only not a bunch of ideas in one paragraph. She also stated i didn’t provide a refutation or counter agreement so that needs to be added. theirs also a paragraph were i quote someone elses opinion instead of my own, she didnt like that she said she wanted to hear from me. i also tryed to attach her actual comments but it may have not uploaded. if thats so please contact me and i will send you them.

prompt was: In 1200 words, answer and defend your position on the following question:

How would Frankl respond to Brené Brown’s ideas on belonging and Esfahani Smith’s work on meaning? Use evidence from Man’s Search for Meaning, Brown’s work, and Esfahani Smith’s work to support your thesis and reasons.

Writing instructions:

  • Include a strong, arguable thesis in your introduction. Underline your thesis statement.
  • Support your position with reason and evidence.
  • Use/address the elements of argument we’ve been discussing (e.g. context, purpose, ethos, pathos, logos, refutation, audience awareness, etc.)
  • Include at least three sources in your Works Cited page and refer to each of these sources at least once in the essay. Man’s Search for Meaning must be one of your sources.

i included all the resources you need as pdf attachments. please feel free to ask me any questions

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