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Stereotypes AssignmentOverall, studies have shown that stereotypes most often
are accurate, with some notable exceptions. For example, political
stereotypes are consistently inaccurate, while gender stereotypes tend
to be highly accurate. Consider the stereotypes you encounter on a daily
basis.  In a two-page essay, answer the following questions: 

  • Survey at least three people you know about
    stereotypes in their workplace or campus. For example, stereotypes may
    exist about marketing executives and accountants. Or, on a college
    campus, they may exist for those who have joined a fraternity or other
  • Ask each person how accurate they believe these
    stereotypes are and if they are positive or negative. Make sure to
    include an explanation as to why they feel this way.
  • Ask each person if they allow stereotypes to
    influence how they treat others.  Make sure to include an explanation of
    how it does influence them or how it does not.
  • Add your own conclusions to the report. 

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