professional writing

There are three parts to this assignment. The main focus will be on correspondence in letter format. Note – letters, not a memo. Use your letterhead.

Despite the sharp increase in use of electronic means of communication, letters are still a very important means of communication. People take letters more seriously and are more likely to respond to them than emails. In addition, letters are the preferred form for many contracts and many legal matters

To be clear, please write three separate letters; each is explained below:

  1. Claim denial letter. This will reject some claim made by a customer or client. Tone is very important, and the difficulty of the communication is being firm about denying the claim and still retaining the relationship with the customer or client. It’s actually rather difficult to do.
  2. Adjustment letter. This letter will accommodate some or all of a customer complaint. It is less difficult than denying a claim, but care is required in keeping the letter focused on the case at hand, without admitting a more general responsibility.
  3. Sales letter to a former customer or client, attempting to recover their business. This is apt to be more fruitful than “cold calls” on people who have never done business with you.

This module emphasizes the importance of tone. Denying a claim requires firmness but must be done with care, since you wish to retain the customer. Attempting to win back a former client requires a special tone, since the client must have some specific reason for not having returned—which can be important information itself. Refer to the course files for formatting concerns.

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