second annotation for food class

I already did my frist annotation however, the professor require a second one, this is the requirement,

I find an article that can be used.

For both annotations:

Locate an outside critical reading (peer-reviewed journal articles/book chapters) and provide a one-paragraph, 250+ word descriptive (not evaluative) summary with full bibliographic information, properly formatted (let’s use APA).

You will start with your full References List bibliographic entry for the source, followed by your annotation paragraph.

References List bibliographic entries: Purdue OWL APA Resources Pages

Annotations overview: Annotated Bibliography Samples

Note that, in the second link, there is an APA Annotation example with two paragraphs. We are not doing the second paragraph, and the first paragraph will be fairly long. You will be summarizing your source meticulously but not evaluating it or suggesting how you might employ it. This is simply information about the source’s content that can then become of great use to anyone else in the class who might be interested in the topic (and for your own work).

Reminder that any detected plagiarism will result in severe consequences including a zero on the assignment and a report to SJA.

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