Write an annotated bibliography (minimum of 8 scholarly sources) about the existence of oneself in the parallel universe or multiverse

Research Topic:

Different versions of myself may exist in the parallel universe or multiverse


The annotated bibliography must include a minimum of 8 scholarly sources (books, journal articles, reputable publications, etc.) that are relevant and directly related to your topic. Be sure to evaluate the quality of your sources. (For example, how old are they? Are they from a reputable source? Who wrote them?)

For each entry on your list, create a 30 to 60 word notation that summarizes the content of the source, and explains its relevance to your research interest. (For example, is there a particular chapter you’re interested in reading and potentially using? Is there something about the author that you think will be helpful in your research?)

All bibliographic entries must utilize proper citation rules from The Chicago Manual of Style.

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