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Please edit this paper writing any mistakes and also follow the editing instructions

use source I provided

include quotes that the author uses in his article so your paragraphs can be stronger with evidence.

I feel like that whole paragraph is more of a summary rather than analyzing what she did well. It is a good sub point because it talks about other strategies that the author uses to make his/her article interesting.

The 3rd and 4th paragraph talk about how well the author uses quotes from articles and sources but it seems that both paragraphs talk about the same thing. I like how in the 3rd paragraph you talk about anonymous sources maybe you should talk more about that. Maybe you can combine the two paragraphs.

is very clear to read and understand. I like how your sentences are not to choppy or confusing. 2. I feel like you should proofread your work again even though it was not bad. It helps to come up with more ideas about what else the author does well in his/her article. 3.I think that you should expand more on sub points.

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