CMR 302 Assignment 13

Using the article, The Basics for Investing in Stocks to answer the questions in the Word doc listed below.

The Basics for Investing in Stocks

  • Define the term Value Stocks.
  • What is a prime example of a cyclical stock?
  • An income stock is identifiable by ___________________________________.
  • Growth stocks have good prospects for ____________________________________.
  • If a stock sells for $ 100 a share and the company earned $ 20 per share, what is the Price-Earnings Ratio? _______________________________Show your work
  • A steady return on equity of more than _________ may be a sign of a company that knows how to manage itself.
  • Consider companies that have debts amounting to no more than about ________ of shareholders’ equity.
  • Define the term beta.
  • Purchasing stock using the Dollar Averaging method requires you to invest the______________________________________
  • Define the acronym DRIP
  • Explain how failing to diversify can be an investing mistake.
  • Give an example of a Defensive Stock.____________________________
  • What is a good target price to establish?
  • What are penny stocks?

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