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Assignment Instructions

The purpose of the assignment is for you to critically evaluate open sources for reliability and for you to explore your biases. As an intelligence analyst or OSINT professional, you will have to provide the decision maker with the best available intelligence analysis. So choose your sources carefully and keep your mind open as you select ONE of the below topics for your paper. This four (4) to six (6) page paper will need to follow the Chicago Style as the sole citation and reference style and be submitted in Times New Roman 12pt font with 1” margins, typewritten in double-spaced format. College-level work is expected to be free of grammar, usage, and style errors.

1. To what degree did Russia and its subsidiaries interfere in the 2016 presidential election? What impact did they have on it and is America more prepared now for future attempts by any adversary?

2. Describe and explain the Clinton e-mail controversy. Does the evidence show there was damage to national security or just damage to her campaign? Should she have been locked up?

3. To what degree did the Trump Campaign, transition team, and administration collude with the Russians? Should all the president’s men be locked up?

4. Describe and explain the Uranium One Deal. To what degree did Hillary Clinton collude with the Russians?

5. Fake news; it seems to be everywhere. Should it be called something else like biased news or perhaps lies? Does more of it come from the White House, the conservative media, or the mainstream “liberal” media? Provide at least three examples of how each entity handled a particular topic and analyze which perspective(s) was more fake and why. Your use of reliable sources and evidence is important here.

6. Describe and explain the criminal deep state. First provide a concise definition. What are its origins? What is the evidence that it exists or doesn’t? What checks and balances exist within the U.S. Government to ensure it is powerless? OR, If it doesn’t exist, what impact does its perceptions of existence have on American society?

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