How would you empower families?

Assignment #4 Parent/Family Program (25 points)

Most teachers and other staff in early intervention and early childhood special education programs design or help to plan and implement a program to provide information and support for the parents and/or other family members of their students. Write a brief (8-12 page) paper describing your “ideal” parent/family program , supported by research. Include a minimum of 10 references, including no more than two websites. Remember to use the APA Publication manual for correct citation format. Include:

In the body of the paper:

  • An introduction to/description of your program, including your goals for family involvement
  • Your philosophy about family involvement (e.g., why is this important? How will this impact on your effectiveness as a teacher and on the child’s development?)
  • At least five methods for two-way communication between home and school that you would use, plans for at least one activity for each month
  • What strategies would you use to increase parent—and teacher/staff and community–involvement?
  • How would you empower families?
  • Ways that families can be involved (school-based)
  • Ways that families can be involved (when they cannot come to the school due to work and/or other obligations or lack of transportation, child care, etc.)
  • And other items indicated in the checklist in Appendix G.

In the appendices of your paper:

  • Your beginning-of-school-year letter of introduction,
  • A needs/interest/preferences survey (for day of week, time of day, types of activities, method of communication, etc.)
  • Two samples of flyers, letters, newsletters, or notes home to announce activities/events
  • A sample agenda for a meeting, open house, or other activity
  • A schedule with a minimum of one family-oriented activity for each

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