New Business Analysis

are an account executive at an advertising agency. In an effort to identify new
business, your boss has asked you to help market an existing product.

Option 1: Product Market
Analysis Paper

Write a 700- to 1,050-word executive summary discussing an existing
product—such as a sports drink, household product, car, or computer—that you
think is not marketed effectively.

  • Describe
    the various types of media communication—such as television, radio, magazines,
    and the Internet—that are being used to advertise or sell your product.

  • Explain
    why you think these forms of advertising were chosen and why they have not
    successfully influenced consumer buying decisions. Justify your explanation
    using data, such as statistics on the advertising campaign.

  • Recommend how to market the product effectively
    by developing advertising strategies that include examples of media
    convergence. Media convergence is the merging of content in and across
    different mass media, such as listening to the radio on a cell phone, watching TV online,
    reading the newspaper online, and so on.

  • Identify the various mediums you would use to
    market the product and explain their roles in communicating to the public.
    Justify your decision to use the selected mediums by including data, such as
    statistics on the medium’s success rate.

    Format your paper consistent with APA

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