Please answer ONE of the following DQ’s.

APA format, with 2 references, no word minimum. Professor wants thorough answers with in text citations.

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please answer ”ONE” of the following DQ’s. Provide the questions that is being answered as the heading.

Chapter 14

Steroids are often given for severe inflammatory pain associated with rheumatoid arthritis. For acute surgical pain, however, these drugs are rarely used, even though inflammation is probably the major cause of postoperative pain. What is the rationale for the contrasting approaches?

Chapter 15

You have been appointed to a hospital committee to investigate the pros and cons of creating a “latex-free” environment throughout the entire hospital. In the process of setting priorities for your committee’s task, what pros and cons do you think carry the greatest weight? Support your answers.

Chapter 16

A 19-year-old client comes into the clinic to learn his test results. He was exposed to HIV through sexual contact 2 weeks prior and is relieved to learn that his results are negative.

a. Given what you know about the virus, explain why it is important to have follow-up tests in 3, 6, and 12 months?

b. While teaching the client, what other assessments would you perform based on his exposure to HIV?

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