The 2,000-Year-Old Wonder Drug, writing homework help

I need a summery of 5 paragraphs of 2 and a half pages for the story of ( THE 2,000-YEAR-OLD WONDER DRUG BY David B. Agus) the tutor will need the instructions in the file uploaded below . the tutor have to choose for the 5 questions for the first paragraph and answer the in the summery and he will choosee 3 questions for the second paragraph and 2 questions for the third paragraph and two for the forth paragraph. Also an introduction and a conclusion of your own opinion. Also I need at least 15 transition words in the summery . The file uploaded below will help you understand the instructions more and you will be able to see the questions that you get to choose for the summery because summery will have to be made up based on these questions. You will also find files uploaded for the story , so you get to read it, or you can search it and find it on Google.

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