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    • I would describe the term “Xicanx” in a few steps. First, you must feel this identity in your bones, and yourself. You must be able to identify yourself this way in everything you have experienced and what you truly feel inside. Second, once you feel this inside you, you must come to terms with the understanding of what it’s like to grow up in a world that likes to mass label and does not care about the individual. Lastly, once this is done, you can then start to define what it feels to you. For me, I do not identify as this, so I can’t really explain how it could be defined other than how I define myself. To define this term, its up to the individual who identifies this way to understand it and only they can interpret it. The evolutions of this word can be traced back to the Chicano movement of the 1960’s. It gave us an identity that connected us to all our roots, including Spanish, Native, and Us, Chicano. It was our own label and allowed us to call ourselves something that we created and not a government or someone who had no idea what it’s like to be us. It gave us a sense of belonging Chicanos haven’t experienced in a long time, before the United States started moving west. The word “Chicano” to this day is very important and something that needs to keep being taught to the youth, so they are aware as well.

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    • The word ‘Xicanx’ does not have a concrete definition. It is not a word that can simply be explained with one precise description. What it may mean to one person, could be different to the next individual. With that being said, I would define ‘Xicanx’ as an umbrella term. It is much more than a word for Latinx individuals to identify themselves with. It goes beyond that. From the struggles that the Mexicans had to go through, the Mexican-Americans after the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, the workers of the farms, to the youth that took a stand to better their education, for those who simply take pride in their roots or heritage, and to those who just support the struggle. All of that can be placed under the word ‘Xicanx’. Although, for me personally, it means that it is a way for people to identify themselves from Latino descent and is proud of their heritage. While the word ‘Xicanx’ has evolved over the years, the origin of the word can be traced to the time when the Spanish conquered the Mexicas, or better known as the Aztecs. In the book, Chicano Movement for Beginners, it is explained that the Spanish pronounced the ‘x’ as a ‘sh’ sound, so instead of saying Meshicanos, they shortened it to shicanos. That is where the word Chicano originated from, but it has evolved as time has gone on. It has gone on to represent many struggles that Chicanos have had to endure and has also gone to include many individuals. A Chicano can be anyone, it is a way for someone to identify themselves. That would be my way of defining the word ‘Xicanx’ and the way it has evolved.Word Count: 286

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