help with a paper on Policy Evaluation

Help with research paper 1500-2000 word paper in APA format.

Students will collect policies and procedures related to a specific information management area. They will assess, compare and contrast the policies.

The students must gather at least three sets of policies and procedures for a selected area of information management. The policies and procedures can be collected from the Internet or other sources. The policies and procedures must be specific to a company or organization. No more than one can be a generic or template policy or procedure, and that one cannot be from the course text book.

Once the students have collected the policies and procedures, they will analyze them to understand their content. The students may also collect information about the effectiveness of the policy in the organization in which it is implemented.

The students will then compare and contrast the policies and procedures of the respective organizations. The comparisons should pay particular attention to differences between the policies and the reasons for those differences, gaps in the policies and the effects, real or potential, of those gaps, differences in the effectiveness of the policies and the reasons for those differences, and other consequential issues.

The students should also reach conclusions based on their analysis that can be applied to other organizations with policies in the specific area.

The results should be in a paper in proper APA formatting with particular attention paid to the proper documentation of references.

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