please see the attach file below and follow the instructions.

I did the interview and I have all the answers I just need from the tutor to write more about it and analyze the work.

1) Christian, age 20, born in Mexico and lived there until the age of 5 then moved to California and has lived here ever since, I currently work as a welder with my dad
2) I guess what I would consider being catholic is just to try and be the best version of yourself while taking god into consideration
3) I am not a practicing catholic because I stopped going going to church a few years ago but I still practice the teachings I’ve learned on my own time
Me being a Mexican catholic I have experienced some sort of discrimination mostly because of my race not so much because of my religion since there are a lot of Catholics in the US
I guess the misconception of being a catholic would be that it is the same thing a being a Christian other than I’m not too sure
6) I am an American citizen and have been for the past 10 years but I would say that some would consider me less of an American just based on the color of my skin or ethnic background not so much because of my religion

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