united states phamacopeia, Module 03 Course Project – Organize Your Research help

Organize Your Research

By now you should have your research material and should start
going through them and organizing your thoughts. Begin constructing an
outline for your assignment. Once you feel as though your outline is
complete and well organize, submit it to the Drop Box below. Finally,
keep in mind the following:

  • Your research paper needs to be 4-5 pages in length
  • Your research paper should discuss:
    • USP Chapter <797> and the importance of the standards
      that were created, focus on revisions made in 2008 (include requirements
      for garbing, environmental quality control, beyond use dating and
      training and testing).
    • The new USP Chapter <800> guidelines are still in the
      development stage, however, a great deal of information is available.
      What are some of the suggested changes and what will be added to the
      current guidelines?

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