Draft Report Review?

Deliverable length: 400-600 words
Review draft report, and provide meaningful feedback. Refrain from generic feedback, such as simply stating “good job.”
Your feedback to other students will be most helpful if you not only point out weak areas but also offer suggestions for improvement.The best feedback takes a 3-stage approach to identify the following: What was done well, Weaknesses and Areas for improvement

My Rational behind updating the hubs to switches is that hubs are out dated and switches provide a direction connection line between the data being shared between the two items. I also recommended VLANs for the workgroups because of the many benefits I found, which include added security, breathing room on the network and easy handling for the network administrator. I also recommended updating the AS400 Mainframe to the IBM iSeries because it is what has replaced the AS400 but can still run legacy AS400 data. I look forward to your review as I am not entirely sure I am doing this right (YIKES).

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