Henrietta Lacks Prompt Wealth makes Health

MLA Research Paper


Purpose and task: Students will write a 4-5 page MLA research paper with a completed Works Cited page. The purpose of this assignment is to show proficiency in writing and research while demonstrating discursive/persuasive writing techniques to present information in a clear and concise manner. Since this is a research based assignment, students must correctly cite and utilize outside sources (novel and SIRS) to validate each view/opinion expressed.


MLA Format

Heading, header, font, spacing, page #’s, title, margins, etc. _______ 10 pts.

Content- **at least 4-5 pages (not counting the Works Cited)

Relevant, specific, sticks to prompt, fully addresses the prompt

points are fully explained and developed (cannot briefly list your

point and its relevance).

_______ 25 pts.

In text citations

Correct in text citations, embedded quotes, at least two quotes

per paragraph _______ 25 pts.

Use of English

Word choice, sentence structure, embedded transitions, etc. _______ 25 pts.

Writing must be formal, clear, and concise.

MUST revise and edit work (your edit history will be checked

on your document. If it shows no or few edits/revisions, your grade will

have point deductions).

Works Cited

MLA, correct indentations, spacing, organization, header, title,

on its own page

***Must use the book and at least two sources from SIRS.

_______ 15 pts.

Total out of ______ 100 pts.

**if the paper does not meet minimum page length requirement, the grade will begin at a “C”

***If student does not meet the minimum source requirements, the paper will have a 10 point deduction.

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