Individual Executive Report(1500 words) +Powerpoint Presentation Slides(Group work and need you to write the script to help me to present) +Some research work

Concise details on Coursework 1

Assignment Number and Weighting


Anonymous marking


Submission Date and Time

See Moodle submission link

Expected return of feedback and marked work

2 weeks from assignment submission date

Assessment is made up of multiple submissions


Details of multiple item in submission if relevant

Item Title



Item Due Date and 17:00:00

Group VOPP Powerpoint Presentation Slides


As shown in Moodle

Individual Executive Report


As shown in Moodle



See Assignment Brief for details

Word Count

1,500 Words (Individual Executive Report)

Assignment Title

Environmental Audit

Assessment Learning Outcomes

• Critical analysis of the organisation’s strategic direction, determining which theoretical models have valid applications in different environmental contexts and making practical use of mainstream strategy concepts to assess the organisation strategic direction.

• Account for and critically evaluate the organisation’s strategic decisions within the context of its external and internal environment, using SWOT/TOWS frameworks to support your analysis.

• Synthesise your understanding and knowledge of critical aspects of the organisation’s strategy and the strategic process in your Conclusions and Recommendations.

• Demonstrate an ability to independently research, present, analyse and critically evaluate relevant data and appropriate academic literature to support your analysis, conclusions and recommendations.

• Demonstrate effective communications skills to enable a clear presentation of key findings, results and recommendations. These include:
1. Clarity of written communication, including accurate spelling and grammar.
2. Consistency and appropriateness of writing style.
3. Appropriate use of standard Management Report template.
4. Correct and consistent use of Harvard Referencing System. [NOTE: There is a guide on Moodle. It is advised that you download this for future reference.]

CMI Learning Outcomes:

7006V1 Reviewing organisational strategy plans and performance –

1. Be able to review the organisational strategic aims and objectives

2. Be able to analyse progress towards organisational strategic aims and objectives
3. Be able to evaluate strategic options to support a revised strategic position

The detail is on the PDF. Please check CW1 carefully. What I need is the CW1!!!! The reference style is the Harvard style. Includes the citation and reference list.

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