Need English DESCRIPTIVE ESSAY: object or place in nature that is important to you (2 Pages Minimum)

Writing Workshop: Descriptive Essay

Lush tree branches frame a waterfall and fast-moving waterway.

Throughout this unit, you’ve read examples of descriptive writing about nature. You also wrote a descriptive essay about an object or place in nature that is important to you. 

In this lesson, you will revise and edit your essay to produce a final, polished draft. Keep the elements listed below in mind as you compose your final draft:

  • a central idea or dominant impression that comes across throughout the writing
  • a clear organizational structure
  • facts and examples to support the writer’s ideas
  • vivid descriptive details that appeal to the senses and create a “verbal picture”


  • Use revising and editing strategies to compose the final draft of a description
  • Use vocabulary words correctly in writing
  • Use varied sentence types in writing

Key Words

  • description

2 Pages Minimum

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