Written Assignment 5

Please write a two-page paper with your reaction to the following scenario

After examining Mr. J, Dr. Z informs him that he needs surgery. Mr. J replies that he would like to have a second opinion. Dr. Z, agitated, tells the patient to “go ahead and ask another doctor for a second opinion, but I don’t think you will hear anything different.” Has Dr. Z acted ethically? Explain your answer.

Written Assignment

Your answer should be well-formed using the APA style format, including 4 current high-quality resources within the last five years, you can use your book as a primary resource. Use grammarly.com and use the library resources from your course shell to support your answer. Include a cover page, an introduction, a conclusion, and a references list page. Your answer should reflect what you’ve learned from the module readings, as well as any life experience you have had with health care systems.

This is a chalk and wire assessment; it should be submitted completely and accurately.

Please submit your assignment to Chalk and Wire no later than Sunday 11:59 PM EST/EDT of Module 5. The Written Assignment 3 Chalk and Wire link is located in the Module 5 folder. Instructions on how to submit this assignment to Chalk and Wire can be found in the Start Here folder. (Chalk and Wire is linked to turnitin).

Please Use Sources From the Book and 4 additional Sources within the writing assignment,

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