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Chapter 6: Valuing and Storing Organizational Information – Databases

6.1. Explain the four primary traits that determine the value

6.2. Describe a database, a database management systems, and the relational database model.

6.3. Identify the business advantages of a relational database.

6.4. Explain he business benefits of a data-driven website.

6.5. Explain why an organization would want to integrated its databases.

Chapter 7 Accessing Organizational -Data Warehouse

7.1. Describe the roles and purposes of data warehouses and data marts in an organization.

7.2 Identify the advantages of using business intelligence to support decision making.

Chapter 8 Understanding Big data and Its Impact on Business

8.1. identify the four common characteristics of big data.

8.2. Explain data mining and identify the three elements of data mining.

8.3. Explain the importance of data analytics and data visualization.

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