court (case) must be about a legal issue facing schools today, law homework help

Please, I need court (case) must be about a legal issue facing schools today ( among student only) in term of (Discipline in relation to social media Instagram, twitter, snap chat,…….etc). Careful, not about Cyberbullying. social media is different.

1- I want only link for the case it must have a Citation court number, the case goes through trail process in court and the judgment has been declared ( finished trail) Outline example (the offense and offender – the defence – guilty or not as court opinion and why – based on what ) As example link bellow

2- Cases must look like the Example -this case down in the link in term of format.

3- Cases must be in the USA prefer Maryland state if not must be inside the USA. Also, it must be the new years 2014, 2015 or 2016 no older than these years

4- Cases must be Not about Sexual issues or anything related to it. Also not related to religions, or threat or hzard

5- Cases must be among the students in school. (Staff and teacher aren’t included) only student

Example case:…

( this example has been approved by professor, but the problems are not about social media, not in school)

number of links, no limit until we find something appropriate something fit all conditions

Notice: I have to do a presentation about the approved case. if you interested let me know so I can invite you only.

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