english110 WEEK 8

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-Congratulations to one and all we made it. So for me this class was another reading and writing class where I figure out that I don’t remember any of the simple things that I learned over 20 years ago. Reading and writing is not a favorite past time for me. With that said I had a hard time with the writing assignments and not so much on the writing aspect, it was more of the fact that I had writers block when it came to figuring out what to write about. I would have liked it better if we were give a topic. Beyond that I have had a couple of class in the past that give out templates with the assignments so you can just fill in the lines, this to me is very helpful. Like I said I’ve been out of school for 20 years and some of the things that the assignments cover I have never seen until now. Another personal problem I have was juggling work with getting assignments done and waiting until the last minute. The meme I found sums up this class completely for me. Enjoy.

Good luck to you all and enjoy life.


-Good Evening,

The overall experience of the class I felt was good. The instruction was decent as was the assignments. I feel that the lessons and attached articles were not as helpful as they could have been. I often found myself googling many of the assignments topics. For example, I felt that the week 6 annotated bibliography was a little hazy in the fact that I didn’t necessarily understand some of the instruction and decided to wing it. However as previously stated there were many positive aspects to the class, I have been out of school for three years now and it was nice to get back into educating and bettering myself. I particularly enjoyed the power points that we had to create, because I was able to input some of my experience from work into the project. It also taught me a lot about radiology that I hadn’t previously known. This also coincided with many of the assignments over the length of the course. I always liked the idea of radiology but never had done extensive research on the field, and it was interesting to learn of its different future routes. I also enjoyed reading my fellow students’ papers and forum posts because they brought different insight to topics that I hadn’t given any previous thought to. I also liked the fact that students were able to comment on others forum posts because there were some controversial ideas and topics that many may feel strongly opinionated to one side of the argument.

Thank you,

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