How should organizations balance host-country income tax differentials, management help

Contingent Workers*** Number and label each question followed by answers with references listed below each question*** Original answer must be a minimum of 250 words!!!Answer in full and complete sentences!!!Will run through turnitin before final payment is released!!!


1. Evaluate the following methods for establishing base pay in
international assignments:  home country-based pay, headquarters-based
pay, and host country-based pay.  Include within your discussion the
strengths and weaknesses of each method and factors that should be
considered when determining the appropriate international pay strategy. 
How should organizations balance host-country income tax
differentials?  How do compensation plans affect employees’ willingness
to accept foreign assignments?

2. Contingent workers are assuming a greater role in today’s organization. 
With that as a background, discuss compensation and benefit issues
associated with the following workers: part-time, temporary, independent
workers, and flexible/telecommuting. What impact may these changes have
on an organization’s compensation plan?

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