Human growth and development

  1. Create your own theory of attachment and infant-caregiver bonding.
  2. Provide suggestions for how caregivers should interact with their infants.
  3. Use at least (5) sources of research/empirical evidence and/or theories of development to support your claims (APA style).

Review the source below and what my classmates wrote below and come up with suggestions that interact parents with their infants. I only need three more suggestions including sources.

The same problems that mothers faced during the 1970’s reflect the same problems that mothers face today when it comes to pregnancy and infant care. Just recently I came across an old Chicago Tribune article that compared infant mortality rates in the United States to countries like Scandinavia, Holland and Switzerland (Rasmussen, 1975). What was surprising about what the author said was that the number of infant mortalities during the 1970’s is in the same proportions as they are today (Rasmussen, 1975). Then Numbers that the Author provides is that 17 out of every 1000 births end with infant mortality. This was written in 1975, and the complaints that Carol Rasmussen has, are identical to the one’s experts in the field of study have today (Rasmussen, 1975). Rasmussen goes on to explain that Infant mortality is so high due to inadequate care provided infants after birth (Rasmussen, 1975).

I think that much of the problem with infant mortality has to do with the financial situation of the family. Another overlooked lurking variable is the lack of education on prenatal and after birth care for the mother. Some things that mothers can do especially young mothers is to seek out community and state programs that can give them the proper education on things such as good nutrition, detecting issues when pregnant, and health care options. I feel as if the state has a responsibility to help lower income families with pregnancies that threaten the child while in the womb. Throughout human history child raising has been burdened with dangers, and with advancements in medicine there is no excuse that an infant can survive through the first year.


Rasmussen, C. (1975, Aug 14). A look at infant care. Chicago Tribune (1963-1996) Retrieved from…

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