international business short question (NO NEED CITE, Just answer the question)

1. How does the International Monetary Fund (IMF), World Trade Organization (WTO) and the World Bank work to assist poor and very poor country economies? Is this assistance always effective in growing these economies into healthy independent markets? Explain and provide a positive or negative example supporting your conclusions.

2. What is the main principle of mercantilism? How can firms compete today in an environment of mercantilism? What countries engage in mercantilist practices today and how can national policy make the environment more competitive?

3. Explain a government’s rationale for influencing or intervening in trade. How does this affect both domestic and international markets?

4. Explain the importance of supply chain management for International Business. How does supply chain management fit into the global production considerations for where to produce, what to produce, and implications for internal and external stakeholder managers?

5. What are state-owned companies? Why do they usually perform poorly? What economies and political systems are most helpful to state-owned companies? Why do these companies need help to survive and how do they can or cannot perform efficiently domestically and in the international market?

6. What is a greenfield investment? How does it compare to an acquisition? Which form of FDI is a firm more likely choose? Explain your answer. Why would a firm consider a Greenfield Investment? What are the considerations that make the investment attractive for both the industry and the country?

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