Self Assessment Report

Report current skill-set (strengths and weaknesses) within the four domains and 18 competencies of emotional intelligence by analyzing your Emotional Intelligence Appraisal based on your results from the test taken . (8-10 page paper of synthesized work with at least 3 references).
There is not a requirement to cover all 18 components.  Discuss only those that apply to your unique situation.  For example if the online appraisal will give a number of recommendations.  Which ones do you agree with?  Wish strategies for improvement apply?  Remember, no two people are the same so the solutions for improvement will be different also. Use the 18 components to link it with you results, also don’t forget to use 3 other sources to discuss what you agree/ disagree with and what you think you could do to make changes for the better based on you results. USE RESULTS IN LINK FROM MY EQ TEST AND  COMPONENTS ARE ATTACHED AS WELL 

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