University of Central Florida Emissions of the Greenhouse Gas Essay

Summary: At the CoolClimate Network website below, complete the calculator by starting with ‘Get Started’ and then proceed to the categories ‘Travel’, ‘Home’, ‘Food’ and ‘Goods’. For each category enter your personal data (if you aren’t sure of an answer, just use the default values in the calculator) until you complete the calculator and can view your information at the ‘Your Footprint’ bar chart on the right side of the page. Note: You can learn more about the information being requested if you click on the ? symbol to the right of each category. Then, at the last tab called ‘Take Action’, choose 5 of your favorite actions to reduce your impact (you can click on the down arrows at each option to personalize your data). Assume that expense isn’t an issue and you can afford to pay for the 5 actions you are most interested in.

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