Urgent easy 2 questions

hi these are easy four questions posted in two parts, pick one question from each part and answer it.

Answer one question from each part.

Part One: Answer ONE of the following:

1. Discuss what matters in state and community politics: political economy, ideology, citizens, political culture, the past, social conflicts.

2. Discuss – regarding education: (a) how public education is organized; (b) the role of the teacher (c) political values and public education – the conservative and liberal views; and (d) the problem areas in education.

Part Two: Answer ONE of the following:

1. Discuss the following aspects of poverty: (a) what is poverty? (b) The types of poverty? (c) People most likely to be poor? (d) The culture of poverty and its characteristics and (e) political values and poverty – views from the right and the left.

2. Define interest groups and discuss: (a) the kinds of interest groups most active in state and local government. (b) Lobbyists for state and local interest groups. (c) Functions of interest groups. (d) State and local interest group tactics.

If you want you can use the book as a reference.:

Kevin Smith and Alan Greenblatt, Governing States and Localities.

CQ Press/Sage, 2019. 7th Edition. ISBN 978-1544325422.

Just please don’t answer unless 100% sure you can do it. And don’t use complex vocabulary please.

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