Business Message

create 4 different message

these message are going to be sent to people in HR via LinkedIn come up with way to connect and send a very neutral message.

First message needs to include employee engagement,


Following up on the voicemail I left you earlier today. With directors and other senior positions in the education industry having 20+% yearly turnover rates, I was curious to know if employee engagement was an area of concern for your department this year? Maybe mention Qualtrics the survery system a fact or quick success story must be true provide link

Second message about General HR I see you with the company X amount of year as the (position) of hr. I am wondering.. or wanted to share would love to contiune discusion, how SAP SuccessFactors is…

third should be

thanks for sharing article on Employee engagement here at X we believe..

fourth can be thanks for accepting connect would like to connect and make it more personal friendly message each should have a subject line.

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