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Social Responsibility

Many companies today are concerned with social responsibility. They may pursue philanthropic activities and/or strive to be ethical. Your goal for this assignment is to evaluate the company you currently work for or a company of your choice and find out where the business of your choice stands, along the lines of social responsibility. 

  • How does your company encourage their employees to do volunteer work? 
  • Is there a specific organization such as Habitat for Humanity that your company of choice supports or encourages their employees to volunteer or become involved in.  
  • Are the corporate volunteers paid for their efforts, perhaps through designated volunteer days or hours? 
  • What do the companies receive for their efforts to be good community citizens? 
  • How does the ability to perform volunteer work on company time affect employee perception of the company? 
  • Lastly what are your thoughts on corporate social responsibility?

Note:  I need a minimum of 150 words and an original work so I won’t be accused of plagiarism PLEASE

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