2 short literature reviews

Instructions in attached file :

First Review:

you can write the Literature Review beased on the following article using the attached instructions.

  1. here is the journal article link, you can write a literature review , and I am trying to find the scholarly now

  2. http://writerunboxed.com/2012/09/19/heroes-and-villains/

  3. topic is ” hero and villains”

I have a project about ” hero and villains” its like I need to find a key point why people love hero or hate villains something. And the review you are writing about is like a prepare article related to the topic, so find an related article and write down what does the article write about and why this related to the topic.

Second Review

For the second and subsequent readings, students should explicitly write several sentences explaining how the terms and concepts in the quotations you selected connect to the texts you wrote about in your previous Literature Reviews, and trace areas of agreement and disagreement between the readings. This (and interpretation/analysis, above) is a very important part of the Literature Review.

Find a scholarly article for this.

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