Commuincations Course Dicussion Board

Two Short Dicussion Board Questions.

  • What is your perspective on people making presentations? What makes them enjoyable to view? Do you like making presentations? How do you feel you can improve in your presentation skills?
  • RESPOND to this students Comment: (Misty) Collapse

For me when making a presentation I like to see some creativity with it. I like to see presentation that are more than just words and numbers.Adding graphics and/or backgrounds makes it in a sense “less boring” for those who are being presented to.I also like when there are animations and on the slides.To me this make it look more professional.I can speak for myself by saying I retain information better when I can see and read it compared to just someone telling it to me.

I enjoy making presentations, as these are easy to make but still get your message across. To me this helps to keep the audience engaged in the meeting, as they can stray easy when you just have someone speaking.

For myself, I feel I have a good grasp on making presentations.But if I had an area to improve it would be better language when adding bullet points.Figuring out how to shorten them but still have them detailed.

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